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LVG Learning is an exclusive web-based platform.

Only invited users can log in and get online courses.

The virtual exhibition where you can reach top sellers online at any time. 

12.000+ users


market place

How much do they know about your destination?

Capture digital transformation with online learning advantages.

Improve your destination marketing! 

What makes the LVG Learning Platform so different than others? 

LVG Learning is the only travel trade Learning Management System (LMS) where you can:

• Meet the outbound travel companies 
• Reach the direct sellers 
• Promote your destination full time 
• Share your announcements in platform’s social media
• Act as exhibiting virtually 
• Supervise the users
• Audit user performances 
• Actively survey the market insiders


• Online measurement and evaluation
• Playful learning experiences
• Accessibility 7/24

• Regular reporting

Affordable membership! Unique Lounge for TravelPros!


lvg learnıng offers

365 Days


Reach Direct

Sellers 7/24!

Free Marketing in an Exclusive Community!



eLearning Platform for Travel Professionals.

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